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Veggie & Herb Mix

Botanical Bombshell Veggie and Herb Mix is curated specially for veggie and herb production! Enriched with a naturally organic slow release fertilizer, your veggie and herb plants are sure to get the nutrients needed to harvest fresh and vibrant produce.

Rose Mix Current Mockup

Botanical Bombshell Rose Mix is designed for Roses, Azaleas, and any kind of ornamental planting. Infused with slow release fertilizer our Rose Mix allows for your ornamental plants to receive the nutrients they need over time. Compatible for indoor or outdoor use, you can also use this mix to amend existing soil.

Botanical Bombshell Potting Mix

Botanical Bombshell Potting Mix is formulated to release a naturally organic fertilizer over time, giving your plants the extra boost, they need along the way. Ideal for indoor and outdoor uses, our potting mix promotes drainage, and proper root development.

How to use Bombshell: Helpful Articles & Tips 

Veggie & Herb Mix

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Rose Mix
Rose Mix.jpg
Potting Mix
Potting Mix.jpg
Click the images above for helpful articles and tips for each mix, and how to use it in your home!

Want to know more?

Botanical Bombshell was designed to be an easy to use product! From the three different soil mixes to the smaller bag size, Botanical Bombshell was designed with you in mind!

Botanical Bombshell is an organic take on our most popular products such as Rose Mix, Gardeners Magic, and our Potting Mix! With these best sellers altered to include organic materials, Botanical Bombshell is sure to have the same great quality and results you have come to expect from Landscapers Pride!

Pick up a bag, or three of Botanical Bombshell at your local nursery today, and Let's Grow Together! 

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