Black Velvet Mulch
Black Velvet is 100% shredded hardwood mulch that has been composted over time to create a rich, organic, dark in color mulch. This mulch is popular for its natural, velvety black color that creates a well- groomed, clean, finished look. As with most mulch, Black Velvet can be used for general ground cover in multiple locations.
Hardwood Mulch
Our Hardwood Mulch is made using virgin hardwoods and contains no reground pallets. This product is ideal for walkways, play areas, running tracks, and flower beds. As with most mulches hardwood will aid in moisture control, erosion prevention, and weed control.
Pine Bark Mulch
Pine bark is a slow decomposing mulch that adds beneficial nutrients to plant beds as it ages.
Mulch in general will conserve soil moisture, aid in weed control, and act as a temperature barrier in both hot and cold conditions. Pine Bark is preferred by growers as the premium growing medium.
Cedar Mulch
Our Cedar Mulch is rich in color and very aromatic. It is made using 100% Southern red cedar. This product contains no "trash wood" and is not diluted with any other bark.
Black Colored Mulch
Locally sourced hardwood mulch that is dyed using a water based liquid dispersant which is organic in nature. The colorant is deemed safe for the important 3 P's; People, Pets, Plants. When the material is installed as directed allow to cure for 24 hours, the vibrant color can last up to a year.
Red Colored Mulch
Locally sourced hardwood mulch that is dyed using a water based liquid dispersant which is organic in nature. The colorant is deemed safe for the important 3 P's; People, Pets, Plants. When the material is installed as directed allow to cure for 24 hours, the vibrant color can last up to a year.
Cypress Mulch
cypress Mulch is a locally sourced, naturally organic product, made by popular demand. The main benefit of cypress mulch is that generally stays in place longer. Cypress is ideal for durable top dressing.
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Gardeners Magic
Gardeners Magic is a mixture of black humus, soil conditioner, composted rice hulls, and dehydrated chicken litter. It is an all-natural formulated product that can be used for raised beds, vegetables, herbs, and all back-yard gardening.
Premium Potting Mix
Landscapers Pride Premium Potting Mix is a humus rich, ready to use, all-purpose potting medium for indoor and outdoor planting. It is blended with high quality ingredients, fortified, and balanced. Our mix contains ColorStar fertilizer for continuous feeding up to three months.
Rose Mix
Premium Rose Mix is a blend of fresh ages pine, organic compost, sphagnum peat, perlite, slow release fertilizer, and micronutrients. This blend is formulated to maximize plant health and bloom production.
Landscapers Mix
Landscapers Pride Landscapers Mix is a top quality blend of fresh pine bark, rice hulls, perlite, and micronutrients. The mix is versatile and can be used straight from the bag as a growing media.
Potting Soil
Landscapers Pride All-Purpose Potting Soil is an essential tool for keeping plants of all types and sizes healthy by supporting a healthy root system. Our potting soil is made with aged pine, sand, and blended organics.
Available in 20 and 40 lb bags.
Planting Mix
Landscapers Pride Planting Mix is a balanced mix of aged, composted pine bark, loamy top soil, and biologically active organics. It is suited for most growing conditions and can be used alone or as an ingredient mixed with other growing mediums.
Healthy Soil Compost
Healthy Soil Compost is a pH neutral product made by blending mature forest floor compost with 100% leaf mold. This biologically active soil is the remedy you need to improve soil fertility. The compost can be used for top dressing lawns, amending flower beds, enriching vegetable gardens, or as a ground cover for poor growing areas. Keep the soil alive with nutrients your plants need with Healthy Soil Compost.
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Black Humus
Made from naturally organic pine bark that has been composted under controlled conditions. This dense, fine textured naturally dark product is very versatile. It can be used as mulch, top dressing, soil amendment or a growing medium.
Compost Peat
Landscapers Pride Compost Peat is a naturally organic blend of screened pine and active organics that is aged and composted. It is great to use as a soil additive to help improve the fertility and physical structure of the soil. It can also be used straight from the bag as a natural growing environment.
Top Soil
Enriched Top Soil is a fine blend of sandy loam soil and compost. It is ideal for patching and filling lawn areas. The top soil may also be used for seeding, top- dressing, and bed preparation.
Mushroom Compost
Landscapers Pride Mushroom Compost is a locally sourced, pasteurized mushroom substrate that is blended with our very own compost. The blend is considered a soil additive and is helpful in adjusting soil pH.
Soil Conditioner
Soil conditioner is a screened pine product with many versatile uses. It can be mixed with sandy soils to improve structure, compacted soils to loosen, or with regular soils to maintain proper textures. Our conditioner is consistent in particle size screened to 3/8" minus.
To those who have come to love our Cow Manure Compost we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We are happy to recommend our Mushroom Compost and Healthy Soil Compost as adequate replacements for this product.
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Decomposed Granite
The new Texas Edition Decomposed Granite can add durable detail to any landscape project. This multipurpose aggregate is sourced in the Texas Hill Country giving it a natural light red hue.
Expanded Shale
Expanded shale doubles as not only an aggregate, but an amendment also. While preventing soil compaction expanded shale provides years of benefits to your soil.
River Pebble
Locally sourced, our river pebble is vibrant in color, varies in size, and works best for water features and flower beds.
Landscape Gravel
Previously known as pea gravel, landscaper gravel offers the same great texture to any landscaping project. It is great for weed control and drainage in gardening areas.
Play Sand
Landscapers Pride Play Sand is ideal for sandboxes and playgrounds. This versatile product can be used for work and play.
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