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Texas growers rejoice, Hemp is now legal! As Texas navigates this new market, it is important to Landscapers Pride that growers have the right soil for the job!

Landscapers Pride has offered quality growing media for nearly 20 years, and now we are proud to offer a proven soil for growing Hemp.  There are many factors that contribute to a successful hemp growing season, but it all starts with the soil!  Growing hemp requires a super soil that can provide the tremendous amount of nutrients that plants uptake during their short growing season.  POTDIRT is the supersoil you need! 

Growing Hemp?

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Have the proper growing media?

Landscapers Pride is proud to introduce our brand new partnership with POTDIRT! The POTDIRT brand has worked tirelessly to perfect an Organic Potting Soil that has been tested and proven to produce sought after results. Not only has POTDIRT been used in Hemp production trials, but it is also a proven media for landscape work, and an everyday growing/potting mix! 

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